Photo Credits: Timothy Place

We're Live!

No responsibility for loss or theft in the changing rooms or ballroom can be accepted by the organizers.

Nor can they be held liable for injury sustained by person or persons attending the Badger State Ballroom Dance Competition and Showcase.

Smoking is not allowed in the ballroom.

No lifts or drops are allowed in any freestyle or multi dance event. Couples will be judged on the following: timing, lead and follow, floor craft, styling, creativity, originality, performance, poise, and technique.

All amateur couples must be entered in the man’s dance level, and, if different, the younger age category.
You may enter two consecutive levels.

Rules & Regulations

Tentative start time for Friday evening is 7:00pm and tentative start time for Saturday morning is 10:00am. This is subject to change, check back often as well will post updates as they are available.

2019 Pictures

We are streaming live on YouTube for friends and family that can’t join us. There is no cost to watch the stream. You can find our channel by going to and searching “Badger State Comp”

Tentative Schedule

We are lucky enough to have Mr. Timothy Place of Timothy Place Photography as our official photographer! He has taken some wonderful shots of all of our competitors.

Please click the link below to explore his website and purchase photos.